COVID Briefs

AI ethics in policy and action: City governance of algorithmic decision systems

This paper examines the most important documents addressing the topic of AI ethics produced by public and private stakeholders from different regions of the world. Cities can learn from each other and adapt these lessons to the necessities of the frontline applications affecting the lives of citizens. Indeed, approaches have been made in the past to the ethical application of disruptive technologies in cities. Through the Sharing Cities Declaration cities have agreed to mitigate the negative impact of the platform economy, while the Cities Coalition for Digital Rights has committed to a fair, ethical and rights-based digital transition.

Andrea G. Rodríguez, Researcher & Project Manager, CIDOB; Lead Researcher, Global Observatory of Urban Artificial Intelligence (GOUAI)

COVID Briefs

Building back better: post-pandemic city governance

This series contains 8 policy briefs that analyse how cities can build back better in the following areas: employment, business and commerce, circular economy, digital innovation, social innovation, cultural and creative sectors, tourism and housing.

Hannah Abdullah, Eva Garcia Chueca, Andrea G. Rodríguez and Agustí Fernández de Losada (eds.)

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Ciudades en primera línea: gestionando la crisis del coronavirus

¿Qué papel tendrán las ciudades globales en el escenario post-pandemia?

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Cities on the Frontline:

Managing the Coronavirus Crisis

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